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Brand Asos
Value of item (in the case of damage or loss) €30




*This item can be posted to Oxford free of charge* Love this dress! It's so elegant and perfect to wear to a ball if you don't want to go as formal as a ball gown. The top is black mesh netting and the bottom is velvet. The back is see-through so I'd recommend wearing a bra with an invisible back strap. I wouldn't recommend going braless just cause the material is so thin on the bust. This dress has been on many nights out from Christmas parties in London to many dates in Dublin, and it was borrowed for last year's Trinity ball <3 (In the last pic this dress is worn as a top and the bottom half is my puff black skirt (also in my wardrobe) v dramatic.


Check out the terms and conditions for borrowing this piece:
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If you are in the UK, borrows can happen but will be processed in Euro. We are working on getting Pounds soon!
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We recommend minimum booking of 4 days to allow for collection, wear, cleaning, and return.


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