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Brand Tara St. James
Value of item (in the case of damage or loss) €400




This ethically and sustainable piece was gifted to the Nu wardrobe by New York fashion designer, Tara St. James and is part of the Study NY collection. This fits anywhere between 6-14 comfortably. We at Nu wanted to introduce our community to sustainable designers, however, sustainable fashion can be so expensive that we didn't know what to do. We wrote to Tara and she kindly agreed to donate this wonderful piece. By sharing this piece around the Nu community we can each learn and tell the story of the piece and hopefully change people's mindset so they are more mindful of what clothes they buy and where they were made. In the future when we finally have some money we can make the investment and get a Tara St. James piece.

Hand-woven by Brooklyn Weavers Guild at Weaving Hand using hand-cut fabric scraps from our Twist Dress.

Oversized boxy boatneck sweatshirt with integrated fringe at the front hem, side pockets (of course!) and wrist length sleeves.

Featured in July 2015 Issue of InStyle magazine!

Fabric: Made of 100% organic cotton. Imported by Pickering in California.

Garment Manufacturing: Proudly cut and sewn in New York City's Garment District by a woman-owned company.


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