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Brand Dolly Delequent
Value of item (in the case of damage or loss) £225



This piece is a one of a kind an exquisite! Made by Irish designer Dolly Delinquent and bought at the Irish boutique, Om Diva. It a complete staple totally see-through mesh design that will make you completely stand out. In these pictures I'm wearing the top with a black velvet dress I borrowed from Caroline, you can borrow the dress here: I'll be keeping this piece for my whole life so I hope for it to be worn hundreds of times.


Check out the terms and conditions for borrowing this piece:
terms and conditions

If you are in the UK, borrows can happen but will be processed in Euro. We are working on getting Pounds soon!
Borrow for

Product not available for dates!
We recommend minimum booking of 4 days to allow for collection, wear, cleaning, and return.


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