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Brand Needles and Thread
Value of item (in the case of damage or loss) €150 (RRP €300 or so)




*This item can be posted to Cambridge free of charge* Needles and Thread are my favourite brand!! everything they make just looks so so beautiful! This piece is the perfect short dress for a ball. It's classy and chic but also screams 'I HAVE ARRIVED'. Such intricate detail with added embellishments at the hem. You could wear this for so many occasions - a ball, date night, work drinks, in your fabulous day-to-day life. I wore it to see The Sound of Music in the Bord Gais, the time Celine Byrne was in it (big opera fan over here!) - it was such an amazing show enjoyed all the more in such a stunning dress :) It's a 10 but it's baggy so would definitely still be good for an 8. Best way to wash it is in the sink with some lukewarm water - can't go near the washing machine with those beads.


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