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Brand Miss Selfridge
Value of item (in the case of damage or loss) €120




*This item can be posted to Cambridge free of charge* This is the best dress I have ever bought!! It's a 1920's inspired Miss Selfridge beaded fringe dress. I love it so so much! It's been to London, Trinity Ball, the Isdas, in many many Nu photoshoots, and to the Baliol ball in Oxford. Wait till your a naggin in and you will have so much fun watching the fringe spin as you twirl haha! <3 It's an 8 but I'm a 10 and get away with it :)


Check out the terms and conditions for borrowing this piece:
terms and conditions

If you are in the UK, borrows can happen but will be processed in Euro. We are working on getting Pounds soon!
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We recommend minimum booking of 4 days to allow for collection, wear, cleaning, and return.


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