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Brand My Delicious Shoes
Value of item (in the case of damage or loss) 25



I absolutely love these shoes. They're so sparkly and glam and add that extra something to any outfit you wear them with. I got them in Folkster a while back and I've worn them a few times so there's a few scuff marks on some of the pleathery lining but it's not at all noticeable when they're on. They're about 5.5" (14cm) tall in total with the platform being around 1.5" (4cm). If you are worried that they won't fit right etc. just put in a borrow request and you can try them on before you borrow them to double check!


Check out the terms and conditions for borrowing this piece:
terms and conditions

If you are in the UK, borrows can happen but will be processed in Euro. We are working on getting Pounds soon!
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We recommend minimum booking of 4 days to allow for collection, wear, cleaning, and return.


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