Lender ID: Michaela

Campus: Cork City

Hey there , my name is Michaela and welcome to my Wardrobe 🙌 So happy you have joined our community, and I applaud anyone trying to engage with sustainability and live more ethically <3 I've just finished studying a Masters in NUIG and I've just recently moved back to Cork City. Most of the clothes on my profile are a UK size 10/ Medium and most of my shoes are a size 6 😁 If you are unsure a piece will look nice on you or will fit you please let me know and I will try help you enjoy my clothing! If you are borrowing from me please wash my clothes at 30 degrees and If you aren't sure how to clean it I don't mind cleaning it afterwards. Please feel free to borrow from my wardrobe <3 You'll probably find me in the changing room of a charity shop with 15 different items in my hand! I live for the thrift! More items coming in a few weeks!!